Anhir LLC

Our mission: Using a business model to redevelop and revitalize communities and areas that fall below the median household income and poverty level.

Our Vision:

to create a working self sustainable environment using various methods and resources to educate and assist members of the community through employment with training programs that set the pathway to business ownership; home ownership; and entrepreneurship. By 2028 Anhir LLC will redevelop 10 city blocks nationwide.


We redevelop and revitalize
low-income communities

Anhir LLC is the key to Success...

Anhir LLC Provides valuable services to households that fall below the median income level, including:

  • Employment for men, women, and young adults.
  • Mentorship/mentee relationships.
  • On-site job training.
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Our Motto

  • Community
  • Compassion
  • Consistency

There is benefit in every hardship...

- J. Castleberry.


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= What is Anhir?

Anhir is an independent company that serves the underprivelaged commmunties that are plagued by crime and other socio-economic issues that do not allow people within the community to flourish. We here at Anhir strive to level the playing field by working with people from these communities.

= Who is Anhir?

Anhir is a limited liability corporation that is independent of and not affiliated with any non-profit organization. We have been helping our communties since May of 2018.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority,
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